FIFA Women’s World Cup winners demand change in football in Spain after Rubiales scandal

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The Spanish women’s football team, which won the FIFA Women’s World Cup last month, released a statement stressing on changes in the football framework for women in the country.

“The events that, unfortunately, everyone has been able to see are not something specific and go beyond sports. We must have zero tolerance for these acts, for our companions, for ourselves and for all women,” the players said in a statement published on X by Spanish forward Alexia Putellas.

“After several weeks after what happened, we want to make public the holding of various meetings with the RFEF in which the staff have expressed clearly and forcefully the changes that they understand are basic to be able to move forward and reach a structure that does not tolerate or take part in such degrading events.

“The players of the Spanish team have at all times had an open attitude to dialogue, seeking to convey clear and reasoned reasons that we understand are necessary to be able to carry out our work at the highest level with the respect we deserve.”

The Spanish women’s team has been in strike since it won the World Cup, with the then RFEF chief Luis Rubiales kissing Jennifer Hermoso on her lips without her consent, during the celebrations.

The behaviour started large-scale protests in the country, demanding reforms in women’s football in Spain. It also led to the resignation of Rubiales and the sacking of his close confidant and head coach of the women’s team, Jorge Vilda.

The players, however, have remained on strike, enlisted their demands and changes that they want in the women’s football framework, through an official letter, released on Saturday.

Demands of the women footballers:

  • Restructuring of the women’s football organization chart
  • Restructuring of the presidential cabinet and General Secretary
  • Resignation of the president of the RFEF
  • Restructuring of communication and marketing Restructuring of integrity management

“Today, as we have transmitted to the RFEF, the changes that have occurred are not enough for the players to feel in a safe place, where women are respected, there is a commitment to women’s football and where we can give our maximum performance,” the statement further read.

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